Useless knowledge thoreau and newman essay

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Major Essays

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Thoreau Views on Nature, Society, and Man Essay Sample

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Self Reliance in Walden

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However, he used to flog children as possible. Articles On ‘Useless’ Knowledge William Tam finds uses for philosophy and other ‘useless’ arts. The ancient Greeks pursued mathematics and astronomy for their own sake.

They did not study them out of their wish to be accountants or season predictors. The Diffusion of Useful Ignorance: Thoreau on the Hubris of Our Knowledge and the Transcendent Humility of Not-Knowing “My desire for knowledge is intermittent, but my desire to bathe my head in atmospheres unknown to my feet is perennial and constant.”.

The Usefulness of Useless Knowledge: A Manifesto for the Incalculable Rewards of Curiosity “The real enemy is the man who tries to mold the human spirit so that it will not dare to spread its wings.”.

The Usefulness of Useless Knowledge was recently republished along with a companion essay, The World of Tomorrow by Robbert Dijkgraaf, the current director of the Institute for Advanced Study.

Dijkgraaf’s essay amplifies Flexner’s, frames the argument in modern terms, and provides many more examples. Knowledge has become a feel-good buzzword like power, success, justice, and equality.

On ‘Useless’ Knowledge

Everyone knows knowledge is a desirable thing to have, but its meaning is less concrete. Knowledge is defined as familiarity, awareness, or understanding gained through experience or study. Walking, which is available as a free ebook, is a brisk and immensely invigorating read in its entirety, as Thoreau goes on to explore the usefulness of useless knowledge, the uselessness of given names, and how private property is killing our capacity for wildness.

Useless knowledge thoreau and newman essay
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