Understanding viruses bacteria and prions essay

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a. bacteria are easier to detect b. bacteria are harder to eradicate c. viruses are extremely poisonous d. viruses are found only in hot climates Explanation.

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The only disease out of these that is caused by a prion is mad cow disease, and is therefore the correct answer. HIV is caused by a virus, syphilis and tuberculosis by bacteria, and lupus is an autoimmune disorder. The recent news about a new supermassive virus being discovered got me thinking about how we define viruses as non-living organisms whilst they are bigger than bacteria, and much more complex than we.

Germ theory of disease

Prions are naturally occurring in the body and are not considered foreign nor do they stimulate the immune system and will not hurt your body, however the disease causing prions contact the normal prions by physical contact and alter the normal prions therefore causing the disease.

Bacteria (and) viruses occupy the lion's share of Grove's book. He shows that he can write synthetic history with a fine introductory essay on the development of the germ theory, before turning to the major bacteriological unavocenorthernalabama.coms: 1.

Understanding viruses bacteria and prions essay
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Conservation Ecology: The Mathematical Biology of Human Infections