Quentin tarantino and racial barriers essay

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Quentin Tarantino: 'It's about damn time' US discussed racist past

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The Hateful Eight

Dec 17,  · Quentin Tarantino's films hurtle with violence, sly dialogue, multiple storylines, references to pop culture and explorations of inter-racial relationships among everyone from.

While promoting his soon to be released post-Civil War western The Hateful 8 Quentin Tarantino spoke with The New York Times Style Magazine.

The Racial Other in Tarantino’s Jackie Brown (1997)

In the interview for Quentin Tarantino defended his use of the N-Word in recent films. Quentin Tarantino doesn’t think that’s quite right.

The Western genre, Tarantino understands, has always been about race—specifically, about this country’s relationship with Native Americans. The film director Quentin Tarantino has said he considers the Confederate flag to be the American swastika, and that it’s “about damn time” people questioned its place in the American south.

“The Hateful Eight” is, on the other hand, a bit less shocking in terms of showing humiliations black people suffered back then, but at the same time somehow more truthful in showing moods white people had (and still have) towards black people.

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Quentin Tarantino

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Quentin tarantino and racial barriers essay
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