Essay on food chains and webs

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Cycle of Life 1: Food Chain

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A food web (or food cycle) is a natural interconnection of food chains and a graphical representation (usually an image) of what-eats-what in an ecological community. Another name for food web is consumer-resource system. All food chains in a community constitute a food web.

A food web is simply the total set of feeding relationship amongst and between the species comĀ­posing a biotic community.

These relationships Related Articles: Essay on Functioning of the Ecosystem. Effects of Toxic Pollutants on Food Chains An ecosystem can be defined, as a self-contained, dynamic system made of a population of species in its physical environment.

The study a community is complex and includes the interactions between the organisms that make it up, and include: plants, animals, bacteria, and fungi. On one hand, food chain is a linear event or step wise process that takes place in the ecosystem whereas food web is interconnecting network of many such food chains.

Therefore, it can be said that there is lot more than eating and being eaten in the process of food web. A food chain is a chain that connects what kind of animal eats what kind of food.

They occur anywhere as long as there are plants and animals. There are also different places like the Ocean or Desert or Snow where Chains can occur. All food chains in a community constitute a food web.

A food web is simply the total set of feeding relationship amongst and between the species comĀ­posing a biotic community.

Short Essay on Food Web

These relationships Related Articles: Essay on Functioning of the Ecosystem.

Essay on food chains and webs
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