Current liabilities and payroll accounting

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Fund accounting

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Financial Skills Tests

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It is important that you have all of the payroll liability and expense accounts set up before running your first payroll so that you can track your liabilities and expenses correctly.

Getting everything set up right beforehand will help save you trouble down the road as you accrue and pay liabilities.

Before Payroll Part 5: Setting up Payroll Accounts in QuickBooks

Liabilities are legal obligations payable to a third party. A liability is recorded in the general ledger, in a liability-type account that has a natural credit balance.

A number of examples of liability accounts are presented in the following list, which is split into current and long-term liab. Payroll by Wave handles vacations, holidays, bonuses, and other benefit calculations, and provides accurate pay stubs and reports for you and your team.

Current liabilities, also known as short-term liabilities, are the summation of a company’s debts, financial obligations, and accrued expenses that appear on its balance sheet and are due within twelve months.

Introduction to Bookkeeping and Accounting, Assets, liabilities, I&E and the Accounting equation. P r o g r e s s N o t e s Assets, Liabilities, and Net Worth OVERVIEW Assets, liabilities, and net worth are part of the language of finance.

As such, it is important to understand both.

Current liabilities and payroll accounting
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Payroll - Setting up Payroll Accounts in QuickBooks