An argument that execution is cruel and unusual

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Is the Death Penalty Cruel and Unusual?

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The death penaltys cruel and unusual punishment

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From a constitutional perspective, the answer is almost certainly that the death penalty does not qualify as cruel and unusual punishment per the 8th Amendment. If the makeup of our Supreme Court changes, the death penalty may be ruled unconstitutional in the future; the trend is heading that way.

The Court, on a 5 to 4, vote held that the execution of criminals for crimes commited when they were under 18 years of age offended "evolving standards of decency," and hence constituted "cruel and unusual punishment" in violation of the Eighth Amendment.

Time Essay: The Death Penalty: Cruel and Unusual? THE enormity of killing one's fellow man with premeditation is the principal reason for the existence of the death penalty; it is also the principal argument for abolishing it.

Instead, the argument should be made that the death penalty is cruel and unusual if it outweighs the severity of the crime committed. For example, theft and possession of illegal substances are surely not crimes that should incite the death penalty, but rape and murder are. Your recent blog, “death penalty, a cruel and unusual punishment”, brought to mind another cruel and unusual punishment, lynching.

What brought it to mind was a 60 Minute segment I recently watched dealing with the Alabama memorial dedicated to the victims of lynching here in the US.

An argument that execution is cruel and unusual
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